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Gillette Wilkinson Sword Blades 50ct Saloon Pack |

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Manufactured by: Wilkinson Sword

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The Gillette Wilkinson Sword Blades are likely to be double-edged razor blades designed for use in safety razors. The "50ct Saloon Pack" indicates that the product comes in a pack of 50 blades, making it suitable for salon or professional use where frequent blade changes are necessary. Wilkinson Sword is known for manufacturing razor blades, and Gillette is a well-known brand in the shaving industry. Together, they may offer a product that combines the sharpness and quality associated with both brands, providing a smooth and precise shaving experience.




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Customer Reviews
4 ratings & 4 reviews
kunal (1 year ago )

Nyc product

abc (1 year ago )


vinay verma (1 year ago )

Like many safety razor users, I had been using Feather blades for years. It was the only blade sharp enough for coarse hair; brands like Derby and Astra would necessitate more passes, which would frequently lead to razor burn. But, as others have noticed, something is going on with Feather these last few years. Either the Feather market is irretrievably contaminated with bootlegs or the quality of the authentic Feathers has dropped off. Around the time Feathers sealed with glue instead of oil started showing up, the razors seemed to become dull and uneven.

tannu sharma (1 year ago )

Gillette blades is the best blades for shaving.gillette blades are made with stainless steel.This blades are more sharper than other blades. Firstly I am using local companies blades that cause skin problems like allergies and pimples.The gillette blades have no other side effects.It helps to smooth shaving. I recommend this blade for all

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